Why Are Celebrity Giveaways Suddenly So Popular On Instagram?

You may have came across a celebrity/influencer post on instagram announcing a giveaway for prizes such as cash, iPhones, tables, etc...

Why are these celebrities so generous all of a sudden?

Well believe it or not, Many brands and influencers are benefiting greatly from these giveaways! The way this works is that a celebrity/influencer will publish a post announcing a giveaway on their page. In order for people to enter this giveaway, they will simply have to follow a list of accounts.

As a brand or influencer looking to grow their instagram page, being placed on this list will drive thousands of eyes to their page. This leads to an increase of active followers, engagement ratio, conversions, and more! So not only is this beneficial for the individual that wins the prize, but also for the influencers/brands that win over new followers!

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