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Step-By-Step How Our Celebrity Giveaway Campaigns Work

Instagram Growth

With our network we have access to 100m+ active followers. We will gain you thousands of targeted followers a month through celebrity promotions and giveaways. 

Whether you're looking to reach an audience by demographic or location such as US based, we got you covered! We will promote your Instagram account under a celebrity promotion that suits your account best 😉.

Our growth method is done organically, in order to leverage your Instagram presence, while keeping your account safe and secure... which is why we will never ask for your password or login information.

Let's build your Instagram presence! 

1000+ People Have Taken Action This Month!

What You Get

  • Up to 20,000 Followers per campaign

  • Guaranteed Results

  • Increased credibility within your industry

  • 100,000+ Reach

  • No login or personal info required

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@iaaprints is a shoe reseller brand.


Their account had under 1K followers before working with GreenlyMedia. After the campaign went live, they jumped to over 4000 active and engaged followers in only 3 days while boosting their sales! 

Janet Debenedetto

Pierre from GreenlyMedia has been such a huge source of information and support with my Instagram account. He’s Responsive, helpful and knowledgeable!  I’m so happy to have connected with him!

Nicolas Smith

I got the US Gold package. Once the campaign started I was gaining thousands of active US followers as the day went by. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking to boost their active Instagram following quickly and effectively.

Lisa Clerck

If you are looking to grow your account organically, GreenlyMedia is a dynamic company with a clear vision who will manage the marketing aspect of your page, while guiding you through challenges that you may encounter!

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2K - 3K Active Followers/mo

Global Celebrity Partnership


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4K - 6K Active Followers/mo

Global Celebrity Partnership


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After checkout, you will choose the celebrity to promote your page!

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Your questions, our answers

Are the followers real?

Yes, the followers are real and targeted. These followers will be redirected straight from a celebrity account that you pick. Whether it's a US or Global celebrity, whether the followers are men or female, whether the followers are younger or older... you will pick the celebrity that suits your account best.

How Does This Service Work?

The celebrity or viral influencer you choose will post a shoutout on their Instagram feed & stories - in order for their followers to win the specified prize, they must follow the sponsor (you) who is on the follow list. This immediately brings thousands of organic traffic sources to your page/brand/business. Unlike traditional single shoutout advertisement, with our method you are able to retarget your thousands of new views.

How can you guarantee followers?

Each celebrity giveaway campaign lasts up to 5 days. Depending on which package you proceed with, we will leave your account under the campaign until it reaches the followers listed. For example, with the Silver package an account would remain under a campaign for 1 - 2 days rather then 4+ days such for the Platinum package  

Will I get banned?

Impossible. This is the #1 Instagram compliant growth service, given that login credentials are not required for this services. Additionally we redirect followers organically from a celebrity that suits your account best! 

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